For hundreds of years, people have been looking for ways to carry liquor safely and discreetly. Back in the Middle Ages, they used things like hollowed out fruit and pigs’ bladders to tote their spirits. Those early vessels eventually evolved into large leather canteens; And by the 1800s, materials like glass and silver became popular, making flasks smaller and more attractive, but still not very practical.

Enter the modern stainless steel flask - designed to be leak proof, compact, break-resistant, and easy to fit in a pocket or purse. Perfect for sporting events, picnics, parties, and holiday gatherings (for either additional cheer or stress relief, depending on the crowd). It's a must-have item. And if you truly like your friends, it’s also a must-give item.

Check out the selection of flasks at Chauncey's Market - designed for convenience, and guaranteed to be more stylish than pigs' bladders.