Review of the Round Rocks Triple Ice Ball Mold

The Round Rocks Triple Ice Ball Mold is a convenient and inexpensive bar tool that, as the name implies, makes three ice balls at a time.  You simply fill the bottom tray with water, snap the top half into place and put it in your freezer.  In a few hours you’ll have 3 ice balls ready for your favorite Scotch, small batch Bourbon, or other libation of your choice. 

Of course, the beauty of an ice ball is that it melts slowly and gently into your drink allowing you to enjoy a perfectly chilled dram without it becoming watered down too quickly.  (And let’s face it, they just look cool.

With the Round Rocks mold, there is one minor point to keep in mind: After the freezing process, there will be a little extra ice attached around the center of each ball.  This is due to the design of the tray, but it’s easy to get rid of the excess ice by running a little water over the tray, which also helps to release the balls (so you don’t have to twist the plastic). Having personally tried more expensive ice molds that make only one ball at a time, I feel that this small issue given the value and convenience of a tray that makes three “round rocks” at once.

Overall, I give the Round Rocks Triple Ice Ball Mold  4.0 swizzle-sticks out of 5 for functionality and value.

Triple Ice Ball Mold


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