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Gin: Graduating from the T&T

Like most people I grew up with, my first experience with gin was the ubiquitous Tanqueray & Tonic... But where does one go after having mastered the T&T?

Review of the Round Rocks Triple Ice Ball Mold

The Round Rocks Triple Ice Ball Mold is a convenient and inexpensive bar tool that, as the name implies, makes three ice balls at a time.  You simply fill the bottom tray with water, snap the top half into place and put it in your freezer.  In a few hours you’ll have 3 ice balls ready for your favorite Scotch, small batch Bourbon, or other libation of your choice.  Of course, the beauty of an ice ball is that it melts slowly and gently into your drink allowing you to enjoy a perfectly chilled dram without it becoming watered down..  - Read More

Bar Glassware Made Easy

You need only three types of glasses for most of the cocktails you’ll serve at home...

To Shake Or Not To Shake, That Is The Question

In the 1964 film Goldfinger, Secret Agent James Bond, 007 first orders his Vodka Martini “Shaken and not stirred” and from then on a legend, a cliché and an argument were born.  So which is it?  Shaken or Stirred, and does it matter?  The answer is yes, it does matter, but is one better than the other?  Let’s look at the differences and then decide. When you shake a cocktail you “bruise” the liquor and end up crushing and melting more of the ice so, you get a drink with more water in it, along with it being a tad..  - Read More

Pink Drinks - Beyond the Cosmo

Earlier this month, I decided to update my repertoire with some new pink drinks, beyond the Cosmopolitan...

How to Drink Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky is perhaps the most sophisticated, idolized, debated, contested, over-analyzed and snobified of all the spirits... And rightfully so...


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